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Bangkok Red Light Districts Hotels

Whether you like it or not, millions of tourist come to Bangkok to indulge in the sex industry. It plays a large part in tourism and ultimately the economy. Because anyone visiting the red light districts needs a place to stay, eat and play. Bangkok red light areas are famous for open girls.


But many tourists without the intention of paying for sex with a prostitute still walk through the lanes of red light districts, just to see what it’s like. So you will often find couples, older couples and even groups of foreign ladies giggling at older lecherous foreign men with a bar girl on their laps.
As seedy as a red light district may sound, in Bangkok they are relatively safe. A police presence is always close by. Just watch your wallets and purses though. All of the nefarious acts of flesh peddling mostly takes place inside go go bar establishments. And contrary to popular beliefs, ladies working in the sex industry within all 3 red light districts are not sex slaves or underage.
Bangkok Red Light District Map

Updated for April 2018


Bangkok’s Red Light Districts Area Hotels


Bangkok has 3 red light districts and all are located right in the center of the city. Which is the reason why booking a hotel near the city’s nightlife is the smartest thing you can do if your goal is to visit Bangkok’s go go bars, massage parlors and beer bars to meet Thai bar girls and freelancers.
There are 3 red light districts located in central Bangkok
Top Bangkok Nightlife Hotels 
Near Patpong 
☛ Rose Hotel Bangkok ★★★
☛ Siam Heritage Boutique ★★★
☛ Nantra Hotel Silom ★★★
Near Soi Cowboy 
☛ Dream Hotel Bangkok ★★★★
☛ Galleria 10 Sukhumvit Hotel ★★★★
☛ S15 Sukhumvit Hotel ★★★★
Near Nana Entertainment Plaza 
☛ Phachara Suites Bangkok ★★★★



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